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Death Note movie!!

I saw the Death Note movie yesterday with my friend Mao.


I've been waiting for this movie to come out for a while- pretty much as soon as I knew there was going to be one. I've only read the first six or so volumes, because that was as many as had come out by the time I went home. BUT.
So pretty.

I was a little wary of L, because in photos his actor just didn't seem enough like him (and because he's my favourite character). But I was quite quite pleasantly surprised. L was properly weird and constantly eating sweets. Watari was exactly the gentleman he is the comic.
Light... I don't know what I think. He is, believe it or not, more twisted that he comes off as in the comic. Somehow. (See spoilers...)
And Shiori has a big part, she was around from the very beginning, but I can't remember off the top of my head how involved she was in the comic. Hmm, it's been a while since I've read it. Anyway, she has a bigger role and I was confused.
Raye=Penbar's name got changed, his fiancee was just creepy (though she did wear that all-leather outfit...), Light's father was also pretty in character, and Matsuda. Matsuda Matsuda, Matsudaaaaaa!

Aoyama Sooooouta. Just... perfect. The first glimpse of him is of him just sitting quietly in his chair as Yagami senior talks about Kira, but his first line involves him jumping up and being loud and obvious. I giggled at this point, even though the theatre was absolutely quiet. Oops. And and and there was standing around, lecture mode, with notebook in hand very much Inui-like going on. I just about cracked up. Exact same pose. I kept expecting him to push his glases up his nose at anytime.
He was regularily doing such things, and even though he isn't a main character, he's still my favourite character. He always looks like he wants to say something, that sort of expectant and somewhat jumpy look. Seeing "Aoyama Souta" about sixth on the cast list was probably much more exciting than it should have been, but Death Note is a major movie. So good for you, Aoyama!!!!!
Cue to SPOILERS!!!!!

Death Note introduction:
There is a human realm and "god of death" realm. The gods of death have notebooks, called Death Notes, that they can drop in the human world. The human who picks it up is now the owner of the Death Note.
The basic premise of the Death Note is that any person whose name is written in it will die. If now details aside from the name are written, that person will die of a heart attack after 40 seconds. Any and all details about the death can be written after the name, including time and cause of death. Light uses this to his great advantage quite a lot.
Light picks up Ryuuk's Note. Light is a genius, and he uses it to become a "god of a new world", where he kills off all the criminals and the world is ideal. He is essentially a mass murderer, and he starts killing non-criminals later on. Both the Japanese police and the FBI launch investigations into finding "Kira" (from the English "killer"), and a mysterious person name "L" is also after him.
And so it goes from there. Light is Kira, Light's father is heading the investigation on Kira, Light begs to join in with his father, L suspects Light, L is weird, and so it goes.
...There are plently of websites out there with better expanantions and scanlations, and I think the first few volumes have been released in English, for further reading.

That said...
Whyyyyy did the movie stop before all the best parts????????
For example: No handcuffs. (;_;) Also, no Matsuda being brash and getting himself "killed".

The subway part: very very well done. Light was nice and twisted, and he reminded me of Nanahara Shuuya from Battle Royale (same actor, you see).
The beginning was changed, probably to save time. And Light hasn't killed those pages of people before he meets Ryuuk, so he's all crazy and shaken up after meeting the God of death.

Ryuuk. Whoa. The CG was pretty impressive, (look what they had to work with...) but I honestly expected better from the country that producted Final Fantasy and such... He would be scarier if one isn't used to the comic Ryuuk, I suppose. But the apples~ I'm glad that was kept in.

And what is up with Misa Misa? She had maybe five minutes in the movie. Obviously it setting up for the second part.
Why why does the second part have to come out in November? I'm going home before that...
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