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I've arrived, finally, in the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA). This is airport number three for this trip so far (one more to go). It was such a long trip and I am really not looking forward to the return trip in February.

This airport is huge. It's very open and modern (to be expected since Terminal 3 was built for the Olympics two years ago) and the gates are far apart. Which is not so awesome when my gate is at the end of a wing and I'm exhausted, but at least it is aesthetically pleasing.

We arrived early, around 4:50 am local time rather than about 5:30am. All that meant is more time chilling in an airport, I guess. The desk that said "International Transfers" apparently didn't open until 6:30am, which was a little annoying. There was maybe half a dozen clueless foreigners who didn't know what to do, but we just walked through to security where there was another sign that said "International Transfers". What the difference was, I can only guess. Maybe the closed desk was information for international transfers? Who knows. But BCIA is no exception- there's not a lot to do in an airport during late nights/early mornings.

And the wireless network won't let me get to facebook or twitter, but I can access email and livejournal so I'm amusing myself this way instead...

I don't know when I will have internet at my dorm but it will be after I sleep a billion hours to make up for the lousy sleep on the plane with a toddler screaming for 90% of the flight and two others randomly joining in when they felt like it, I suppose. The flight entertainment and food sucked (to be expected, but it was worse than Air Canada...) and I'm really, really tired and my internal clock has just given up. My laptop says that it's 4:18 pm, and my first flight left Victoria at 9:00pm last night, so it's over 19 hours at this point.

Safe in Beijing and got some more stamps for my passport :)
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