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I'm on my way to Kyoto! My route goes like so: Victoria (YYJ) to Vancouver (YVR), five and a half hour layover, then from Vancouver to Beijing (PEK) (11.5 hours...), then another three hour layover, then finally from Beijing to Osaka (KIX). From the Osaka airport it's another 2.5 hours or so to get to my dorm. So about 28, 29 hours all together... What was I thinking??

And I'm already so tired! がんばります!

Apparently, YVR is proud to present the following thrilling programming on its screens: Connecting British Columbia's Communities To The World

I've seen ads for the following communities so far:
-Williams Lake
-Campbell River
-Fort St John ("The Energetic City", didn't you know?)

Isn't it a little late to be trying to convince people to visit BC if they are already in the international departures terminal???? Oh BC, you make no sense...
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