Lucy (ruchi) wrote,

PEK 2.0

I am in the Beijing airport, again. I'm going back to Canada, and I'm really not sure how I actually feel about it.

Today has not been the best of days- is it ever when travelling? I woke up at 4am. I missed the first train by about 30 seconds (I could hear it leave the station as I stood at the top of the stairs to the platform with my various luggage). I couldn't eat anything until after I checked in and went through security and immigration, so about four hours after I woke up. Ate food that was so not tasty.

Left Japan.

I am so sad to say good bye. Japan is home to me, even if it can't be home everyday. So it was with sadness that I watched Tokyo fall away. Really, I said my goodbyes two weeks ago, when I left Kyoto and I-house II.

Anyhow- I'm in Beijing. I've now had Pizza Hut in three countries, and Japan isn't one of them... My flight has been delayed two hours so it's a six hour layover here. And so far, still have a nine and a half layover in Vancouver (for a 25 minute flight- it's ridiculous). When I emailed for the status of my flights this morning, it didn't have information for my flight to Victoria because it could only give information for flights within 24 hours.

I don't want to know how long I'll be travelling for. I just hope I can sleep...
Tags: airports, beijing, exchange round 2, japan, tokyo, travel
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